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What Matters to You?


Everyone deserves the care they need to stay healthy. Recent efforts at the state level to rein in costs for treatments like insulin are a fantastic start, but more needs to be done to ensure our communities, families and children stay healthy without backbreaking medical bills.​

Women's Rights

With Roe v Wade at significant risk, it has never been more important to ensure we protect a women's right to choose here in Connecticut. Mary will be a firewall against activist judges who are radically attacking a woman's bodily autonomy. Mary will also fight hard for women's healthcare and to close the wage gap.



The middle class is being squeezed in Connecticut. We need to keep up the fiscal discipline we've shown while making sure that relief is reaching those who need it most, and we have to do it without cutting the vital services on which so many depend.



Connecticut has one of the best overall education rankings in the country, but the mechanism that determines funding, known as the Education Cost Sharing Formula, needs to better take into account special-needs and low-income students. I'll make it a priority to ensure that our communities and districts get the funding they need to continue effectively serving our children.


Despite having some of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the country, Connecticut is still losing too many recent graduates to other states. I'll continue to support programs like the Jobs Pipeline to remedy that, while making sure that our community colleges are prepared to fill the thousands of positions employers are crying out for, jobs that pay well and don't require a college degree.

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